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For organizations and community groups

Hosting a screening of Six Primrose is a great way to bring your stakeholders together to learn about what you’re doing to create positive change in your community. It gives existing & potential donors, staff, and volunteers something to be really excited about, and can inspire prospects, champions, and community members to get involved.

Six Primrose is being translated into Inuktitut for a screening at the Qajuqturvik Food Centre in Nunavut.

The Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals is screening the film at their annual conference to advocate for access to good food for all.

The Hunger Coalition in Idaho used the film to inspire their staff and key stakeholders.

Community Food Centres Canada has launched a national screening campaign in more than 15 cities to garner support to establish new food centres and as a platform to advocate for policy change during the upcoming federal election campaign​.

Six Primrose Screening Kit  $250 CDN (+ HST)
The Six Primrose Screening Kit is an easy-to-use resource that includes everything you'll need for planning, promoting, and hosting your community screening:

  • downloadable file of the 72min film
  • Community Engagement Toolkit

The Six Primrose Community Engagement Toolkit will help you plan an impactful community event using the film to spark dialogue about food security, strengths-based engagement and community development & health, inspiring actions and collaborations to make healthy, affordable food available for all. 

"This place turned my life around"

The Dartmouth North Community Food Centre is a vibrant space where people come to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food for all. 

The Community Food Centre opened in its doors in 2015 in a former Sobeys store on Primrose Street, in a neighbourhood where gathering spaces and services were few and far between, whose residents face significant challenges such as poverty, social isolation, and lack of access to healthy food.  

Since then, community members, volunteers, and staff have created a welcoming, dignified space where friends come to meet to enjoy a delicious meal together, kids learn how to choose and prepare good food, neighbours gather in the kitchen and garden to share food cultures and learn new skills, and people look out and care for each other. For many, it has become a second home.

The Dartmouth North Community Food Centre was created through a partnership between the Dartmouth Family Centre, an organization with deep roots in the neighbourhood, and Community Food Centres Canada, a national nonprofit that's building Community Food Centres across the country. These centres strive to improve the health and well-being of people who are struggling with poverty and food insecurity by offering programs that increase access to healthy food, build food skills, improve physical and mental health, reduce social isolation, and mobilize people to advocate for their communities. 

How I can help

It's people like you who make change possible. Your donation can help build better skills, health and connection in low-income communities.

"I'm so grateful that someone's thoughts and actions brought this place to our community"


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